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Converting Enterprisedb Postgres Plus XML Array To Array

In Postgres Plus Advanced Server 8.3R2, there are times when you want to query a table using values passed in as XML.  Here's an example. First we'll create a table and insert a few values: CREATE TABLE NAMES (FNAME VARCHAR2(50)); Table created. INSERT INTO NAMES VALUES ('MIKE'); 1 row INSERTED. INSERT INTO NAMES VALUES...
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Configuring Connection Pooling With Postgres Using PGPOOL-II

Overview of PGPOOL-II By default, Postgres doesn't come with a database connection pooling feature. This functionality is provided by PGPOOL-II, an open source project. For high traffic databases, you typically use database connection pooling to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a database connection and speed up access...
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Creating A Memory Cloud Using Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Infinite Cache Overview Enterprisedb's Postgres Plus Advanced Server 8.3R2, includes a new featured called Infinite Cache, which is based on the open source distributed object cache, memcached. Memcached is used by sites like Facebook to essentially cache their entire website. In fact, Facebook has memcached installed on over 800 servers with...
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