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Flushing Your DNS Cache

Many applications cache DNS entries to speed up DNS lookups in the event you request resources from the same server. Sometimes you need to flush this DNS cache if you know for a fact that a DNS entry has changed. How do you do that? Flushing DNS On Windows H:\>ipconfig /flushdns Windows IP...
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Mounting A Windows File Share On Linux

To mount a Windows file share on Linux, first create the file share on Windows and give the appropriate permissions to the user. Then, on Linux you want to do the following: Create a directory for the mount point mkdir -p /mnt/windows/backups Use the mount command to mount the Windows share: mount -t cifs //yourwindowsserver/backups...
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SSH Login No Password Prompt

Sometimes on Linux, you want to automatically login to a machine using ssh without being prompted for a password. How do you set this up? First you need to generate a public/private key pair on the server you will be connecting from, lets call it SERVERFROM ssh-keygen -t rsa You could also use -t...
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